AES fall-prevention burner entry system allows users to be safe and efficient while  performing service and maintenance to a tower dryer burner. An optional platform with safety gate can be added for ease of access/use of the entry system.

This state-of-the-art system can be retrofitted to many brands and sizes of tower dryers. A quick installation ends with training so your team is ready to safely service the burner. The rail system components remain inside the dryer, during use. The internal components are rated up to 600° F. To use, simply put on your harness, latch the unique 4-in-1 harness rope system (for confined spaces) or your SRL (self retracting lanyard). The weight rating for this system is 310 pounds. A two rail system is available that increases total weight capacity of the rail to 620 pounds.

With this one system, you now meet fall prevention safety requirements within the tower dryer burner system. The user can safely enter the burner and move around freely while attached to the no-fall system.